New blog setup with tinkerer.

I finished migrating this site to tinkerer blog engine from o-blog in the last weekend. With o-blog Even though I liked the idea of blogging with org-mode and the fresh look of o-blog it had few problems. One of major problem is that the site became painfully slow to load the pages because of heavy use of Javascript which is against the point of having a static website. It is also true that the source files are not pure org-mode markup.

Anyhow I decided to move from away from it. Why tinkerer instead of famous jekyll blog engine? well I have some familiarity with python and I liked the idea of Tinkerer is being just tiny layer on the documentation generator sphinx.

The migration was not at all the difficult. I have small number of pages (less than 10 at this point) and turning org-mode source files to rst was semi automatic. Though org-mode doesn’t support exporting org to rst, I made use of org html exporter and html2rst for the conversion and with some manual tweaking and fixing.

One of the main reason for the migration is I want to write more and o-blog was putting me off with its above mentioned problems. I want to reduce any unsolicited friction that hinders me to write.