Emacs minor mode timer-revert-mode

Yesterday instead of writing thesis I was wasting time to write a small minor mode. Fortunately it came good and I put it on github. timer-revert-mode reverts a buffer when its associated files modifies in the background. Yes, there is auto-revert-mode for that. But auto-revert-mode was causing more problems than it solve for my use case.

The commentary from the timer-revert-mode package reveals what it does.:

A minor mode to revert buffer for a given time interval.

This is more like `auto-revert-mode' but with a specified time interval.
see `timer-revert-delay', defaults to 15 seconds.  This is useful because
Emacs' auto-revert-mode doesn't have a facility to tell the frequency.

My use case is while writing latex documents, background running make
needs some time to finish, usually 5 to 10 seconds.  unlike
`auto-revert-mode' which is very eager to load the file as soon as its
modified outside, this one lazily waits for 15 seconds.  For best
experience, if the background process takes 5 seconds then
`timer-revert-delay' should be around 10 seconds.  Okay the logic is not
perfect though but minimizes conflicts.