ncl-mode for Emacs!

ncl-mode is a Emacs major mode for editing ncl scripts. The project also also consists several useful features to assist writing ncl scripts. I have used this mode long enough to recommend to anyone who writes ncl scripts with in Emacs. The major features of this packages consists (from the readme:)

  • Easy code navigation (consistent with other Emacs modes)
  • Better indentation
  • Proper comment handling
  • Imenu support (my favorite)
  • Menu support
  • Snippets for yasnippet
  • auto-complete support
  • ctags support (ctags generation script included)
  • ncl-doc-mode minor mode for browsing/searching NCL documentation from NCAR website
  • inf-ncl.el mode for running NCL within Emacs.

ncl-mode can be easily installed from either MELPA or el-get package managers. Feel free to try and open an issue on github for any feature request.