Restoration of sapporoindians site.

Few years ago, I created a website for Indian Association Sapporo (or IAS as we call it). I think most of our community members don’t even bother to look at it. It is mainly indented to help those Indians who are planning to come to Sapporo.

This website is a simple wordpress site with less than 5 pages. But Last year, I noticed it has a security flaw which had been exploited by a spammer. This scammer sending mass spam mails by using wp plugin folder to which I had mistakenly gave write access. I admit that It was dumb mistake. Luckily I noticed that very early as I traced bouncing mails for the spam that is being sent out. I had simply disabled whole site without fixing the problem. I was busy breifly at that time and hadn’t been motivated enough to devote time to that not so important work. Frankly not a single sole complained about it and It dragged on.

Anyway, after a long delay, yesterday, I took a stab at it and finished the restoration work of the site. On the way I upgraded wordpress from 3.5 to 4.1.

How did I fix it, it was just setting up proper access controls to wp-content folder. The site is hosted at hcoop which uses afs file system. Hcoop wiki has very nice article on how to setup wordpress blog properly and details about access controls. I just used those instructions.

The site seems to work beautifully now.