wrf_install: Helper scripts to build WRF model (v0.7 release)

wrf_instll is a small project consists of a bunch of shell scripts which I use for building WRF model. WRF is large enough to have many dependencies such as NETCDF, HDF5, zlib and so on. This wrf_install scripts are very handy, at least for me, saves a lot of time and headache.

I just now released v0.7 with a lot of improvements. This is a point release as I thought the last release was almost two years ago and let me push out some tag for now. There are some significant changes in the way the scripts run. Now the building process is much more sensitive to the errors and gives lot of feed back. I also improved README file significantly, as I was writing README earlier I found that how bizarre state it was in. I don’t say Its super good now, I believe its at least readable.

Even though this is a tiny project, it gives me immense pleasure once in a while when a young and enthusiastic meteorologist sends me mails and ask questions about how to use the scripts and build WRF model. Even though, I must say, they often come up very basic problems. But hey, everybody starts from zero, right?

If any of used it and find problems or suggestions please let me know by commenting here or github issue page.

Happy Predicting :)